Monday, 28 May 2018

Lucked out at Leo

Under construction: I need to get "its got knobs on it" completed first, and to keep trips in order, this and the next post have been published incomplete. Will return to these when time permits. 

Trip Stats:

8 nights under canvas
2411km travelled
276L fuel used
Best consumption: 10.8L/100, Worst 11.9L/100
for a trip average of  11.44L/100
cost of fuel $419
new tyre in Leonora $300, repaired tyre $0
camp fees $0 - No camp fee's out here 👍.

The running tally of nights under canvas now stands at 18
(this includes the side journey to Nichol's Knob - see "it's got knobs on it")

Trip vids:

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