Sunday, 29 April 2012

Down on the farm

A few weeks back I got a heads up on an event at a farm in lake king. As I had time off, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet up with some of the great folk I had been conversing with on an internet forum. We left late morning on the Friday and arrived at the property late afternoon. 2 other families were there on our arrival. After a quick introduction, it was time for me to set up camp. When done, we joined the rest for a relaxing social then moved over to the owners fantastic outside area for a barbeque dinner.

The following morning we were greeted by a picturesque foggy morning (after the Major Mitchell alarm clock went off......which needed a 12g snooze button....Lol )

Sporting the repercussions of some red wine that was obviously a bit crook from the night before, I headed out with the others to help lay some posts for a fence that the owner was constructing. When asked who was going to do what job, we all looked at each other. The owner gave us some guidance and we were into it. In the first stint, BJ drove the truck, I drove the hammer and Simon sighted the line of posts for a straight line. Half way through and we all had a bit of a swap. BJ was funny, he put up some sighting posts and left bugger all for the rest to put in.....Simon was going cross-eyed from sighting and I'm sure the owner hasn't noticed the drunken straight line we layed (he will when he lays the wire )

An hour and a half or so and a kilometer of posts were done.

BJ names the property Maralinga. This was due to the fact BJ had battery issues, Simon had rear power socket issues in his new Patrol and I had car fridge issues combined with camper battery issues. A few hours of stuffing around and it was time to sit back for a bit. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the serenity at the party house.

The owners wife had got a couple of roasts for dinner, so the camp ovens were broken out and Simon did a magnificent job on the cooking. The meat literally fell off the bone. We all had dinner in the staff quarters, followed up by the most magnificent toblerone cheese cake one had ever had. And we all celebrated the owners birthday in style. Rural camping style!

Sunday morning came (again with the Major Mitchell alarm clock). BJ got away early, followed by Jack and Leah. I got motivated about 10am and packed up. Spent another couple of hours sitting around chatting and hit the road about 11.30am. I called into Wave Rock on the way home as the little one hadn't seen it before.

 On behalf of my family, can I just put out a heartfelt thanks to Simon for the invite, John and Jess for their unbelievable hospitality at their farm, and BJ and his daughter for keeping my daughter well supplied in lollies and company. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and feel we owe you all something in return.

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